Selling some history and philosophy of science books

Hello folks! I have already shared this on Twitter, but I am selling some new and second hand books on Ebay. Many are ones I was given as payment by publishers for reviewing book manuscripts. Others are things I once bought for myself but no longer need.

Unmethodical methodological adventures: when the right search bar is all you need

“Ooooaghaagaaaooooo!” I wail. “What very many hours have I sacrificed for nought and nothing, unaware of my ignorances and stupidities. Oh woe is me” I cry to my tooth brush, and in apologetic emails to people whose time I have wasted with secondary and tertiary knock-on effects. I am writing this post in the hope […]

Personal post: Scales and spaces

This post picks up from an earlier one, where I was thinking about focal points and the university. For the past 7 years I have been in full time employment as a professional academic researcher. If I had spent those 7 years in the same place I would likely now be recognised as a thoroughly […]

Transformational HPS and the BEC seminars 2021

Hello to my blog followers, I am writing with two distinct updates. 1 – Please take a look at the new Transformational HPS network: As you will learn, Transformational HPS exists to support and promote work at three specific intersections with the History and Philosophy of Science: research queering HPS research decolonising or making […]

Your help needed! Journals in biomedical/biological engineering?

Hello! As the historical work on Everyday Cyborgs 2.0 continues to develop, I am rounding on one of my next important questions. If you were interested in making medical devices, or understanding how the body reacts to given materials, etc. what were you reading and where were you publishing? As ever, my period of interest […]

Seeking scrutiny! – Validating results from the British Newspaper Archive (1948-2009)

Hello!! This post concerns some results emerging from an in-depth study of the British Newspaper Archive (BNA). In an earlier post over on the Everyday Cyborgs 2.0 project website, I explained some of my initial work, dedicated to layering up a history of the medical devices marketplace. At the outset this has meant searching the […]

Personal post: Focal points

People need focal points. Focal points can be other people. They can be places. They can be forms of labour. They can be pasts or futures. They can be goals. Focal points are things that you can look into, and which can look back into you. If you have not chosen your own ones, then […]

About Me

Hello, I am Dr Dominic J. Berry, and I have been a historian and philosopher of science, technology, and engineering! At the end of May 2022 I decided to cease pursuing an academic career. After 8 years of temporary contracts I could not see any job security on the horizon, so I decided to go do something else. As a historian, I had particular expertise in biology from roughly 1800 to the present, and research interests in biological engineering, agriculture, integrated history and philosophy of science, and narrative. If you fancy reading more then you can have a look at my publications and the postdoc projects that I have contributed to.

I am proud to have been involved with:

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Dominic, I have sent you an email, I think to your B’ham account. If it hasn’t reached you let me know please. I want to talk to you about a new writing project. Lawrence Weaver

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