About My Blog

Hello, I’m a historian and philosopher of science, with broad interests in the history of biology from 1800 to the present. I have particular expertise in the history of genetics and agricultural science. This blog will mostly be things in the world that I tenuously link to the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) so that I don’t end up writing too much drivel. My aim is to share with you my research as it develops, with topics ranging from the history of science in the first and second world wars, the long history of plant breeding, contemporary intellectual property legislation, and the ways in which the history and philosophy of science can inform public policy.

As a human person, I spend most of my time watching or listening to stand-up comedy, drinking decent ales and whiskeys, writing succinct (though polite) emails, eating biscuits with cold milk, and reading. I don’t get to do any of these things as often as I would like. So I’m just like you. #relatable

I also like to use hashtags to expose subtext. This is probably due to social anxiety. #explanation

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