This is a very short post for the simple reason that the story I want to tell you is very short. The next chapter of my thesis deals with the problem of plant synonyms (the sale of one seed variety under the name of another/the name of one variety being used to cover its actual origins).  Reading through the committee minutes I found a variation of this problem. One variety already common across Europe was ‘Jubile’ which had been grown at Gemboux.  Some traders wished to introduce it to England, however, a different variety under the name ‘Jubile’ was already being sold in the UK. What to do? The NIAB solution was to accompany the varietal name with the name of the breeding station from which it had come. Hyphens cause confusion so – Jubilegem was born. This post exists purely because I liked the name Jubilegem. So did the company involved, who named a horse after it. If you don’t like that name, why did you click the blog link? Why would you do that?


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